Even with all our effort put into this website we realise that there will always be a few questions you need to ask, so here is a collection of our most frequently asked questions. If there is anything we’ve left out please feel free to contact us.

          Freephone: 0800 009 8822 | Email: sales@premiumplusuk.com

What account do I use?

Website Account – you can register for an online website account and buy products from us a debit or credit card.

Linked Credit Account – if you already have a credit account with us (or would like one), please call us freephone 0800 009 8822 and we can link your credit account to allow for online purchases.

Can I order internationally?

Following the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, we are no longer able to accept orders for delivery outside the UK. However you can contact us on 0800 009 88 22 or email sales@premiumplusuk.com and we can direct you to one of our agent suppliers in your country.

Still have questions?

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