new range of
mini curing

Light weight ±85g
Dual modes
10 colours
12 Operation times
USB Type-C charging


About Premium Plus UK

Premium Plus UK is one company in a worldwide group that not only sells dental products but also makes them. Our Factory to Dentist model is the most efficient and cost effective for the dentist and also the best way for us to keep in direct contact with our customers.

Whatever we make or sell, we hear about it straight away from our customer whether it be good or bad… (happily it is usually good!).

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Outstanding Quality

Premium Plus makes good quality products – it is as simple as that. This is because we know what we are doing and we are not selling just on price but more importantly value.

The internet seems to be flooded with cheap goods and the main reason they are cheap is because they are no good or even worse, illegal. Unlike many of the products you can buy online the vast majority of our products are made in our own ISO certified factory and have either CE or FDA certification – which all goes to maintain our high standards.