About Premium Plus

Premium Plus designs, manufactures and sells a range of quality dental products directly to dentists. With our “Factory to Dentist” direct sales, we have the opportunity to sell you the best products at the best price!

Our story

With a very long history of selling dental products and some frustration on what was available on the market, we began manufacturing and marketing Premium Plus products about 20 years ago. Our quick success kept us going and after starting with simple disposable products we moved onto rotary and prophylaxis products, and finally small equipment.

As a manufacturer who also retailed directly to dentists from our offices in the UK, the US, Japan and Hong Kong we very quickly understood that value is what attracted our customers but our quality is what keeps them coming back.

Over 10 years’ experience

We have been successfully retailing in the UK for nearly 10 years (amazing how time flies when you’re having fun!) and in that time we have grown quickly because of our service and products in what is a super competitive industry – so we must be doing something right!

We’ve learnt that no two dentists are the same. Some like to scroll the website looking for products and bargains at all hours of the night, whilst some prefer a catalogue, some samples and a quick call to talk to an actual person when placing an order. We are happy to do either, so we’ll let you choose how to order!

We’re focussed on quality

We may never aim to be the cheapest but we always strive to be the best. With over 40 years’ experience in the dental industry, we’ve learnt that quality counts and this is why we began manufacturing our own products in the first place.

So when you buy one of our products you can be sure we have spent a lot (trust me… a lot!) of time, effort and money to bring you the highest quality products that meet all the necessary regulatory standard, whether it be CE marking, ISO certification or FDA approved products. As dull as these abbreviations sound it does go along way to guaranteeing what you are buying is safe, practical and legal to use.