Solebite Bite Registration Material

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SOLEBITE Vinyl Polysiloxane
Bite Registration material

Designed and developed in Premium Plus Japan, SOLEBITE is a bite material that is easy to use and was designed with emphasis on operability.  It has 5 unique features which make it a product suitable for every dentist:

  • Easy recognition of occlusal contacts
    • Matt blue tone for easy confirmation of occlusal surface.
  • Long working (20s) and short setting time (30s)
    • With 20s of working time and 30s of setting time in mouth it is easy to apply for any technique – occlusal or buccal.
  • 0.1% or lower shrinkage
    • Keeps the correct shape for long periods, ensure fine prosthesis work and minimises time and mistakes.
  • 90 Shore A – just the right hardness!
    • It has optimal hardness and elasticity ensuring correct positioning of upper and lower models and strength of the impression. The right hardness also helps technicians with easy trimming.
  • Incredibly minimal resistance for extrusion
    • Easy extrusion of the material makes placement simple and precise